Mix: Zegna iJacket, Survey, H.264, Ministry

Zegna Sport has announced its Bluetooth iJacket, a new men’s jacket that features a Bluetooth interface, integrated collar microphone, an iPod connector, and controls embedded in the jacket sleeve. The Zegna Bluetooth iJacket is now available at Ermenegildo Zegna boutiques and sells for $1700.

A recent survey by Kensington shows that many iPod and MP3 player owners don’t fully utilize all the features of their devices.

“After the initial excitement of getting an MP3 player and uploading their favorite songs this research found that users rarely add further tunes, photos or data that the music device has the potential for,” said Karen Hicks, product manager at Kensington.

Adobe has announced support for the H.264 codec in its Flash Video Player 9 software. In May it was revealed that YouTube was converting its video library to the H.264 codec for compatibility with the Apple TV.

The latest beta release of Flash Player 9 is available on Adobe’s website; the final version is expected in Sept.

Ministry of Sound has introduced a new sound system with an integrated iPod Dock. The MOSMC057IP DAB Micro System with iPod Dock features 2x20W RMS power, an alarm clock, and will sell for £140, or about $280, when it goes on sale later this month.