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Zacuto has announced its new ZGrip iPhone Pro video handgrip system for the iPhone 3GS (pictured). Made from professional-quality materials, the ZGrip Pro offers a quick releasable holder for the iPhone, three points of adjustment for various angles, and various attachments that allow the mount to be used on a conventional tripod, or for other accessories such as lights and microphones to be attached to the handgrip. The ZGrip iPhone Pro is available now and sells for $295; the company has said it will release a more affordable consumer version at a later date.

A new report (Translated Link) suggests that discoloration problems experienced by some users of white iPhone 3GS units may be due to third-party cases and not overheating, as previously thought. The site FrenchiPhone.com quotes an Apple representative as claiming that the problem comes not from heat but from “some covers,” and goes on to say that it has been able to fix the issue by cleaning the back of a discolored phone with alcohol. While it is possible that the problems could be attributable in part to cases, similar issues were not seen with the iPhone 3G, which shares the same plastic back as the 3GS. [via Mac Rumors]

The United States Department of Justice has initiated a review into whether large U.S. telecom companies such as AT&T and Verizon have abused the market strength they have gained in recent years. Citing people familiar with the matter, the Wall Street Journal reports that the review of potential anti-competitive practices is still in its early stages, and has yet to become a formal investigation of any one company. Among the possible areas of interest to the DOJ is whether or not the ability for the large telecoms to lock-in new handsets such as the iPhone with exclusive agreements is hurting smaller competitors, and whether they are unfairly restricting the types of services other companies can offer over their networks.

ASD Soft has released ASD Roulette, its new casino simulation game for the iPhone and iPod touch. ASD Roulette offers players a simulation of the European version of the popular casino game roulette, including standard payouts, a single 0 on the wheel and board, multiple chip denominations, and a recent number listing. ASD Roulette is available now from the App Store and sells for $1.

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