MobileNavigator adds safety cameras, augmented reality features

Navigon has released an update to its MobileNavigator series of turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps for the iPhone and iPad updating to the latest NAVTEQ maps and introducing new augmented reality, safety camera and traffic features. MobileNavigator 1.8 users can now take advantage of Reality Scanner, a new augmented reality feature that displays points of interest overlaid onto a live camera view, designed to help pedestrians easily locate POIs while on foot.

The update also includes a new $5 optional add-on feature that provides drivers with alerts on upcoming static speed and red light cameras along their route by using data from leading safety camera detection company RoadTraps. The regularly updated RoadTraps database provides access to over 3,900 speed and red light cameras in the U.S.  A new Traffic Check feature is now also included in the latest version at no additional cost, so even users who have not purchased the add-on Traffic Live feature can still get a quick at-a-glance view of current traffic conditions along their selected route; more detailed traffic information is available as before with the purchase of the Traffic Live add-on.

In conjunction with this latest update, Navigon has reduced the prices on all of its MobileNavigator apps and in-app purchases until April 28. MobileNavigator North America is currently available from the App Store for $45; separate versions are available for other geographic areas with similar discounts from the company’s App Store page.