Mobistar details plans, pricing for iPhone 3G in Belgium

Mobistar has announced its plans and pricing for the iPhone 3G in Belgium. In accordance with local law, Reuters reports, iPhone 3Gs sold by Mobistar will be unlocked, and will not be sold with a mandatory subscription. The exclusive Belgian carrier will sell the 8GB iPhone 3G for €525 (~$825) and the 16GB model for €615 (~$967), a price that CEO Benoit Scheen noted was “above that in other countries.” Mobistar will offer three plans (Translated link) for the iPhone 3G, all of which are subject to a 24-month contract. The My30 plan offers three hours of talk time or 300 SMS messages and 200MB of data for €30 (~$47) a month, the My45 plan offers six hours of talk time or 600 SMS messages and 500MB of data for €45 (~$71) a month, and the My60 plan offers nine hours of talk time or 900 SMS and 1GB of data for €60 (~$94) a month. Mobistar will launch the iPhone 3G in Belgium on July 11.

  1. LOL. I originally read that headline as MOBSTER details plan.

    Given the price gouging by some carriers like Rogers in Canada, and even AT&T in some people’s opinion, maybe MOBSTER is right on the mark.

  2. Ah… finally we have our precious iphone (and the dirty details).

    But it sucks. Two reasons:

    1. iphone is a lot pricier than in most other countries (you would think that our abbo’s are cheaper… but no… they are not… if we compare with the netherlands then we can only say that we’re screwed… they have the same abbo prices and have a discounted iphone)

    2. limits… yes limits… I can live with limits but 200mb is nothing… (it goes up to 1gb which looks fair but it’s on the most expensive abbo only)

    I think that we got screwed because of our law but also because we’re in the middle of europe selling unlocked phones 😉

    unfair… I think i’ll skip the iphone this year and wait another year… maybe we get a better deal or else i’ll lose interest eventually

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