MOGA Ace Power iPhone game controller leaked

MOGA Ace Power iPhone game controller leaked 1

An iPhone game controller from MOGA has been leaked in a tweet from @evleaks. The MOGA Ace Power reportedly contains a 1800mAh battery in addition to controller functionality, offsetting the heavy battery drain caused by iOS games.


No pricing or release information was given. This is the third purported iOS game controller to be seen so far, as Clamcase unveiled its controller, and a leak revealed a Logitech iPhone controller.

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  1. Enough leaks, at this point we really need:

    1. Something official from Apple. Devs are the only real source of information at this point telling us that internally Apple is pushing them to add controller support to their games, but that and some leaked concept photos are all we have.

    2. Pricing. I’m actually going to do something this Christmas I would not have imagined just a year or two ago, and that’s jump back into the Nintendo handheld market again. If these controllers follow past trends, there’s every reason to suspect we’ll be spending nearly as much as a dedicated handheld so we can play $3 games on a $600 device (which becomes obsolete for gaming much sooner than the dedicated handheld).

    3. Developer commitment on more than adding support for $3 games. Apple has the hardware, the distribution channel, and the installed user base BUT until we start seeing full, honest to goodness games that come with the budget (and similar price tags) of Nintendo and Sony offerings, iOS gaming is going to remain a cess pool of freemium and endless IAP/DLC so indie devs can stay solvent and bigger studios like EA can milk the sheeple.

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