Monster ships iCarPlay 250 FM transmitter for iPod, iPhone

Monster has begun shipping its iCarPlay 250 FM transmitter for the iPod and iPhone. The iCarPlay 250 can be used both in the car and in the home/office by unplugging the device’s USB cord from the included cigarette lighter adapter, and then plugging it into an open USB port on a computer or wall charger.

With the transmitter unit detached, the cigarette lighter adapter can be used to charge other USB devices. It also features the ability to charge the attached iPhone or iPod while in use, three programmable station presets, AutoScan 3D technology that automatically scans the entire FM spectrum three times to lock onto the clearest FM frequency available, automatic adjustment of power output on individual frequencies for maximum signal strength, three button control, and a blue LCD display.

The Monster iCarPlay 250 FM transmitter is available now and sells for $100.