Mophie unveils case for 2G nano, opens up development

Mophie today announced the first case for Apple’s new second-generation iPod nano. Made from clear, hard plastic, the Relo Radura case is priced at $30 and will ship on or before October 12. “Moments after the newly designed iPod lines were announced, mophie Illuminators lit up the night designing, tweaking, prototyping, and rendering a brand new case for the new Apple iPod,” says the company. “Less than 24 hours later, mophie unveils the Relo Radura to the award-winning line of iPod accessories.”
Mophie has also opened up their development process of new iPod accessories on the company’s website. “Via a live webcam in Mophie’s Burlington, VT think tank, consumers can view video footage of each day’s events and read a blog compiled by each mophie team member,” explains their team. “As the mophie product concepts are born, a consumer will actually be able to choose the product concept they dig, help name it and sign up to be an official product tester. This is the first time an iPod aficionado will have the chance to be part of a product concept from its very inception.”

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