More on Apple Watch: Edition charger, iPhone finder, left-handed use


More on Apple Watch: Edition charger, iPhone finder, left-handed use

More information on Apple Watch has surfaced after the product’s debut on Tuesday. A Yahoo Tech report reveals a number of details, including the fact that Apple Watch is water resistant, but not waterproof — you shouldn’t wear it in the pool or the shower. You can make phone calls from your wrist, using a wireless connection to your iPhone. Watch apps are loaded from the iPhone, and the watch has a feature referred to as “Ping My iPhone,” where you can hit the button to make your phone beep. It’s also noted that the Apple Watch Edition — the 18-karat gold model that will certainly be the most expensive Apple Watch — comes with a jewelry box that doubles as a charger. Apple hasn’t decided yet how pricey the most expensive Apple Watches will be, according to the report.

For left-handed people who wondered about the Digital Crown on the right side of the watch, Slashgear reports that Apple Watch can be set up for orientation on the right wrist, which will place the Digital Crown on the lower left side of the device. Additionally, a tweet from Re/code’s Ina Fried noted the watch will be able to use Apple Pay, play music, track activities, and run some apps while offline. For more overlooked details about Apple’s new watch, read our Editors’ Notes article from Tuesday.

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