MTX intros iThunder portable iPod audio system

imageMTX Audio has announced the iThunder, a new portable boom box for all dockable iPods. The iThunder features a built-in iPod cradle, internal amplifier, ported enclosure, and a set of 4” full range drivers. It also has a spring-action pop-up handle, wireless remote, and can run off AC power or eight C batteries. The iThunder will be available in white or black and will begin shipping during Q2 2006.

“The MTX iThunder is definitely not just another MP3 player boom box,” says the company. “What separates the iThunder is that it is designed from the ground up by MTX’s own team of highly skilled engineers. Which means it isn’t just another set of repackaged drivers thrown together by a computer speaker company or another no name brand. The iThunder features the same technologies and innovations that have made MTX a leader in home and car audio products for over thirty years.”

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