Mustek today unveiled its new Paragon line of iPod-dockable speaker systems. Available in a compact table-top model and a larger tower design, the Paragon systems “make it easy to experience full-bodied, audiophile-quality stereo sound from an iPod in any home, office or dorm room,” according to the company. Both systems feature an Apple universal iPod dock, three-way shielded speakers, remote control, and audio inputs. The Paragon TW450 ($250) floor-standing tower system also features a 45W amplifier, 5.25-inch, dual-coil subwoofer and stands 37.8-inches high. The Mustek Paragon DT260 ($130) is a portable system (appearing to be similar to the top part of the TW450) featuring USB 2.0 and Firewire connectivity and touch controls. Both are available in white or black to match the current iPod colors.

Update: The Mustek speakers appear to be OEM versions of the Ignitek iCarrier and iCruiser.

LC Angell

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