My Kingdom changes name to ‘Merchant Kingdom’, adds new features


Chillingo has released an update to its location-based multiplayer game My Kingdom, renaming the game to Merchant Kingdom and adding several additional new features. Launched last fall, Merchant Kingdom is a multiplayer online role-player game that uses the iPhone GPS to tie the game world to locations in the real world. To play the game, users must physically travel with their iPhone to explore new territory, build settlements, meet other players, and engage in trade and conquest. The latest game update adds tweaks to how cultural influence works between players’ settlements, makes it easier for players to liberate their own settlements and castles and increases the number of settlements and levels of manufacturing buildings that users can construct. Merchant Kingdom is available from the App Store as a free download. The game is ad-supported and does not require any purchase to play however several in-app purchase options are available to remove the ads and purchase units or power-ups within the game.

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