Myvu announces partnership with Ultimate Ears


Myvu Corporation, makers of personal media viewers for the iPod and other potable media devices, has announced a new partnership with Ultimate Ears, which will see Ultimate Ears’ earphones incorporated across Myvu’s entire product line. “Audio quality is a major component of the entire myvu experience and a high quality earphone is critical,” said Kip Kokinakis, president and CEO of Myvu Corp. “By partnering with Ultimate Ears, we offer users the industry’s finest on-the-go viewing experience.” “We’re excited to join forces with Myvu and integrate our audio signature into its award-winning product line,” said Mindy Harvey, president and co- founder of Ultimate Ears. “Myvu has a fantastic new technology that deserves a sound quality to match its video. This unique combination will give myvu customers an unparalleled experience that encompasses comfort, quality and of course, entertainment.” It is unclear when Myvu products will begin shipping with the Ultimate Ears components, or whether previously and currently shipping models include the enhancements.

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