NBA JAM adds local multiplayer support, debuts iPad version


EA Sports has released an update to NBA JAM adding local multiplayer support and introducing a separate iPad version and free iPhone version. NBA JAM is an arcade style basketball game that allows players to jam with all 30 NBA teams and their favourite NBA stars. Users can play through various challenges to unlock additional NBA players or simply purchase the unlocks directly from within the app. The game provides both quick play and campaign modes and the latest version now allows players to compete against a friend over either a local Wi-Fi or peer-to-peer Bluetooth connection. The update also makes several other tweaks under the hood to improve gameplay. With this update, EA Sports has also introduced a free NBA JAM Lite version that includes the Lakers and Celtics in a one-quarter exhibition. A separate full version of the game for iPad users is also now available. NBA JAM by EA Sports is currently available from the App Store for a sale price of $1; NBA JAM for iPad is available separately for $10.


Jesse Hollington

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