If you just purchased or received your first iPhone this week, congratulations! You probably have lots of questions—including what it can do—so we’re here to provide really easy pointers to great sources of information.

Our Free iPod/iPhone/iPad Book walks you through the ways you can stuff your new iPhone with all sorts of goodies—and how to make the most of its capabilities. If you need help with repairs, understanding accessories, or other major questions, you’ll find great advice inside. It’s a free download, so get it here!

Our 2011 iPod/iPhone/iPad Buyers’ Guide shows all of the year’s best accessories and apps for the iPhone. If you’re suddenly looking to sell off an old Apple device for some spare cash, there’s a full guide inside to getting the right price for your prior gear, too, plus a full history of Apple’s digital media product line. Just like our Book, the Buyers’ Guide is completely free to download. Grab it now!

Other questions? Just want to show off your new iPhone to the world? Our Discussion Forums are a great place to visit. Stop by and say hi, and don’t forget to take a picture of yourself with your new phone and post it to our iPhones Around The World gallery!

Charles Starrett

Charles Starrett was a senior editor at iLounge. He's been covering the iPod, iPhone, and iPad since their inception. He has written numerous articles and reviews, and his work has been featured in multiple publications.