Netatmo unveils Presence outdoor smart home camera + more at CES

Building on its Welcome Smart Home Camera, Netatmo has debuted Presence, a new outdoor security camera designed to automatically detect the presence of people, cars, and animals. Using a new “Smart-Sight” feature, Presence analyzes in real-time if somebody is loitering around the outside of your house, or if a car enters the driveway or a pet is in the yard; the camera is able to understand what it sees and notify the user appropriately if something is detected in the monitored area. Infrared night vision provides recording at night, and an integrated smart floodlight can be activated to capture bright color videos even in the dark, to scare off unwanted visitors, or light up the way. As with the company’s Welcome Smart Home Camera, Presence provides entirely customizable settings for notifications and activity recording, and stores videos locally on an internal micro SD card for privacy. In addition, users can establish smart zones to determine specific areas to monitor activity within, and optionally transfer recorded footage to a personal FTP server. Videos are captured in full 1080p HD with a 100-degree field of view and a detection range of 20 meters. Presence is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2016. Pricing has not yet been announced.
Netatmo unveils Presence outdoor smart home camera + more at CES 2

In addition, Netatmo also announced several new features coming to its Welcome Smart Home Camera, including improved face recognition technology, support for personal FTP storage, and alarm detection. The new facial recognition algorithm will reduce the training time required for the camera to identify faces, and increase the accuracy with which faces are recognized. In addition to the built-in SD card storage, users can now set Welcome to automatically transfer videos to a personal FTP server as soon as they have been recorded. Lastly, the update will allow Welcome to detect acoustic alarms such as smoke, CO, and security alarms and send notifications and begin recording videos. The new features will be available to existing Welcome users as automatic updates over the next two to three months.