New Apple iPhone 3G accessories revealed

Apple’s website has revealed two new iPhone accessories that will likely debut alongside the iPhone 3G. First is the iPhone 3G Dock, which offers USB charging, syncing, and audio out, as well as the ability to use the iPhone in speakerphone mode while docked. Also new is the Apple USB Power Adapter (2008), which slims the original iPhone and iPod charger down to a small white adapter not much larger than a standard two-prong to three-prong adapter. Pricing and release information for the new accessories has yet to be announced.

Updated: The iPhone 3G Dock is no longer included with the device, and will be available separately from the iPhone for $29. The Apple USB Power Adapter will continue to be included in the iPhone 3G package, and retail for $29 if you need a spare.

  1. It looks like it’s only the US who get the snazzy new adapters. The UK and EU iPhone pages show the same adapters as before.

  2. You do realise that UK plugs are much larger with those ugly three pronged plugs (looks like a three-legged stool, if you ask me) so a small sized plug like the US version won’t work. However, most European plugs are round-pin and two-pronged so should be able to be just as small as the US version.

  3. While smaller, the new adaptor doesn’t look too travel friendly since it doesn’t have fold-in (or retractable) prongs. I really liked the new for 2007 USB power adaptors which work with Apple’s World adapter kit.

    What’s gonna s*ck is that my Apple Bluetooth headset dock isn’t going to fit the iPhone 3G. Oh well. I might eBay the headset and get a JawBone anyway- or just forget about BT headset altogether. It’s not like I use it much anyway.

  4. Yeah, Dyvim is right, I wonder about how Apple will handle the dock for the headset. I have the original iPhone and the Apple Bluetooth Headset. I love the headset, especially since it came with a dual dock for both the headset and iPhone. I use the original dock (phone only) next to my bed for nighttime charging (and use as an alarm clock) while I keep the fancy dual dock attached to my computer.

    BUT.. the old dual dock won’t fit the new 3G iPhone. The new phone is too big to fit. Apple still lists the headset as an accessory for the new iPhone. But will they have a separate part number for a new 3G compatible dual dock?

  5. I need more information on the ability to use the speaker phone with the dock. How will this work? Is it just holes for the speaker and mic? Or will there be speakerphone audio out through the aux line out of the dock?

  6. What I find particularly annoying is that in one swoop, they shoved all of my existing iPod accessories to the side. Even my clock radio has the old iPod connector. Maybe they’ll make an adapter?

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