New Apple TV OS to appear at WWDC?

Apple will demonstrate a new version of the Apple TV operating system at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, according to a new report. Citing a “trusted source,” BGR claims that the new OS is more “feature-complete” than the current OS that runs on the set-top box, and says that it’s the same version that will run on Apple’s as-yet-unannounced HDTV set. The report goes on to claim that Apple is actively courting manufacturers to use a new “control out” API that would allow third-party devices such as cable set-top boxes to make their accessories compatible with the new OS and allow Apple’s gear to control connected components. BGR’s source believes Apple is unlikely to actually debut the HDTV set at the event.

It is worth noting that BGR has a mixed track record when it comes to predicting future Apple announcements, and while the debut of an upcoming OS upgrade for the Apple TV would make sense from some points of view—allowing developers to start coding apps for both the Apple TV and the expected HDTV set, for instance—it would make for an extremely crowded keynote presentation, as Apple is already expected to discuss iOS 6, iCloud, and its upcoming Mountain Lion release, and might also use part of the event to discuss new MacBook hardware. In addition, it seems somewhat unlikely that Apple would replace the Apple TV’s OS so quickly after introducing a new version earlier this year, although the move wouldn’t be entirely without precedent, and might improve compatibility between living room devices before a new Apple television rollout.

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