New at iTunes: Lifetime, Style, The CW, Court TV

Apple’s iTunes Store recently added a slew of programming from cable channels Lifetime, Style, The CW, and Court TV. Lifetime’s shows include Cheerleader Nation, Off The Leash, Lisa Williams: Life Among The Dead, and Lovespring International. The channel is also offering several original Lifetime movies. Style’s programming includes Clean House, Whose Wedding Is It Anyways?, and Split Ends. The CW’s available shows include Supernatural and Veronica Mars. Court TV’s programming consists of Murder by the Book, Beach Patrol: Miami Beach, Body of Evidence, Psychic Detectives, and The Investigators.

  1. The CW: not a cable channel.

    Well, it is a cable channel, but only to the extent that ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox are cable channels. They’re all OTA, including the CW.

  2. Wow, what a *snicker* great lineup of *chuckle* quality shows.

    Are you friggin’ kidding me? Lifetime movies? Are those still watched by anyone non-ironically anymore? Same goes for Court TV. Actually, same goes for ALL that stuff. Well, except VM.

  3. Man, Veronica Mars is all sorts of good. Veronica Mars is so good that TV is good because of Veronica Mars. It’s good. It’s that good.

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