New Bose TriPort IE tips arrive, with pictures

After holding a press conference last month to announce that it would update several parts of its TriPort IE In-Ear Headphones in response to consumer complaints, Bose today delivered the first of those parts: three sets of new silicone ear tips. Substantially similar to their predecessors (shown below, right), which were discussed in our review, the new silicone tips (left) are slightly more firm and designed to remain bonded to the earphones, but do not address the concerns of those who found them uncomfortably shaped and/or unstable in their ears. The latter concern will be addressed by a wire clip and neck lanyard, which are set for delivery later this year.


Information on obtaining the new parts at no charge can be found here. The new ear tips, which unlike the prior versions have dots in the centers of their inner arrowheads, ship via UPS, with instructions and a letter of explanation.

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