New Comments Policy posted, helpful links added

To date, iLounge readers have posted over 1.2 million public messages on the main web site and in our Discussion Forums, the vast majority of them positive contributions from fantastic people around the globe. Last month, we announced that we were shifting certain posts from the main site into the Forums in order to cut down on astroturfing that was detracting from those otherwise great discussions. But we also wanted to make it easier for our readers—individuals and companies alike—to share worthwhile comments with other readers, our editors, and our business team, as appropriate.

Today, we have created a new Comments + Questions page on iLounge with easy links to key iLounge staff, and clear explanations of our public and private commenting policies. This page contains links so you can submit (1) news tips, (2) error reports, (3) public comments and iPod questions, (4) private comments, (5) editorial questions, and (6) business inquiries, and get them read more promptly; it also asks that tips, error reports, and editor- or ad-specific questions be submitted to the specific people who need to receive them. Heavy e-mail volumes preclude us from responding to all questions, but we do our best—these links will make things easier and better.

We have linked to the Comments + Questions Page, and many of those key areas, on all of the main site’s comments pages. By reader request, our product preview and review pages are also being updated to automatically direct new product-specific comments to specific iPod and accessory forums, rather than the temporary catchall page we were using before. Thanks for your continued support as we work to make iLounge an even better community for all of our readers!

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