New details from Aetna meeting show concerns about Apple Watch privacy, costs

Mandi Bishop, now running a startup called Lifely Insights after running Dell’s health analytics section, said Apple was very focused on privacy at the previously reported meeting between the company, Aetna and other health influences, CNBC reports. Aetna employees asked about how data sharing with outside vendors would be handled and if it would be possible to extract measurements like heart rate and other vitals to be store in a personal health record. “Both companies wanted to make sure that we knew what data is shared and what isn’t,” Bishop said. Privacy is particularly important for employees of self-insured companies, who could potentially target their workers for termination if doing so would cut their insurance rates substantially.
Apple offered assurances that user consent is necessary for any data sharing, but the cost of the devices also proved a sticking point for those looking to integrate the Apple Watch into fitness for their loved ones. “A lot of Aetna employees talked about being able to afford the Apple Watch for the entire family,” Bishop said, adding that the issue proved to be a sticking point and it’s still unclear if Aetna would extend any discounts for employees to members of their families.

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