New for iPad 2: Griffin, Speck, Orbino, XGear, more

New for iPad 2: Griffin, Speck, Orbino, XGear, more 1

New for iPad 2: Griffin, Speck, Orbino, XGear, more 2

New cases and accessories for the iPad 2 are continuing to roll in from manufacturers. Griffin has announced updated versions of its Elan Folio Slim textured polyurethane folio case ($40) and CinemaSeat headrest adapter/case ($40) for the iPad 2, along with new colors of its Sylus for iPad ($20). Speck has introduced its iGuy case for the iPad and iPad 2 ($40), a revised version of its iconic case for the original iPad that debuted at the 2011 CES, and its new PixelSkin HD Wrap case for iPad 2 ($50), featuring an integrated cover/stand.

Orbino has unveiled its new Padova II case for the iPad 2 ($209 and up), offering integrated magnets compatible with the iPad 2’s Smart Cover technology, while XGear is offering its 360 Shield Polycarbonate Swivel Case ($40) and 360 Shield Case ($100) for the iPad 2, the latter made from real carbon fiber. Finally, Hub International has announced that a revised version of its HandStand case ($50) will be available for the iPad 2 in the next two months.

  1. I get the impression that the iPad 2’s magnet system caught the iDevice accessory makers flat-footed. There are precious few cases fitted specifically for the iPad 2, only one with a sleep/wake magnet (Orbino), and non that attach magnetically. Did Apple withhold the “real” iPad design details for too long?

  2. I was so excited to get the 360 Shield case. After approx 2 weeks the plastic tab to hold in the iPad broke. I never removed the iPad once placed in the case so this was very upsetting. The manufacturer replaced the case without question. I’ve had my replacement case for 3 weeks and the exact same thing happen, the tab broke again. There must be a design flaw in the case because I take extra special care of my iPad and the accessories. I’ve decided not to contact the manufacturer for another replacement. I will need to find another case.

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