New Griffin Home lineup includes app-enabled Connected Mirror, Coffee Maker, Toaster

Griffin Technology has unveiled Griffin Home, a new lineup of smart, app-powered appliances designed to simplify everyday routines. The new collection includes a Connected Toaster, Connected Coffee Maker, and Connected Mirror, as well as two new charging devices, the PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon. Griffin’s new Connected Toaster ($100) is a Bluetooth-enabled smart toaster that can be controlled by a companion iOS app to allow users to set personalized settings. The two-slot toaster features digital temperature adjustment and settings for bread type, darkness, and even gluten-free breads. The Connected Coffee Maker ($100) is a Bluetooth-enabled 12-cup drip coffee machine that allows users to adjust coffee strength and save their preferences using the companion iOS app. Griffin’s Connected Mirror ($1000) displays time, weather, and status messages from other Griffin Home products, and users can customize the smart mirror with the companion iOS app to choose which information is displayed on the mirror.
In addition, the new PowerBlock Beacon ($40) and PowerJolt Beacon ($30) accessories remind users to plug in and charge their devices before they run out of power, delivering up to 12 watts of power for maximum rate charging. Built-in Bluetooth and iOS app integration allow you to specify when you want to be reminded to power up, and receive notifications when in range of an available charger. Multiple chargers can be deployed in the user’s home, office, or car to create a connected network so users will always know when it’s time to charge. The new Griffin Home collection is expected to roll out throughout 2017.

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