New iPhone 4 HD hands-on videos posted

New iPhone 4 HD hands-on videos posted 1

iLounge has posted a set of two new high-definition hands-on videos of Apple’s iPhone 4 today, one focused on the externals of the new phone by comparison with the original iPhone and iPhone 3GS, and the other on its new software and interface.

The first video is a comparison of the iPhone 4, original iPhone, and iPhone 3GS (YouTube HD link), showing the final, working phone from all angles. It’s also available from Vimeo.


The second video is a full interface video for the iPhone 4 (YouTube HD link), showing off everything from FaceTime to iBooks, iMovie, iOS4 multitasking with the new Pandora application, and the iPhone 4’s other built-in applications. It’s also available from Vimeo.



Both videos are in 720p format.

  1. So the big question is: Black or White? I’ve only had white iPhones (3G&3GS;) so e black looks good to me because it’s something different. But I love that all white case- it’s so old skull iPod! Classic Apple! That is the reason I got my previous iPhones in white but they were sort of half done with the black fornt. I will likely get the white iPhone 4. What about everyone else?’

  2. After seeing all 3 models side by side, am I the only one who thinks 3G/3GS looks prettier than 4G? Thinner, surely great but something about the-sheet-of-metal looking back of 4G. Now 4G cases are out – again, the flat back seems to make those cases look boring. I guess it is something we need to get used to.

  3. Those sharp edges on the iPhone-4 are sure going to hurt in my pocket; the 3G(S) is extremely pocketable, thanks to its rounded shape.

    (Or is this, like the iPad, a plot to make men carry a bag?)

  4. @davjaxn: I agree that the white model’s got a very retro look to it. I think it will probably fare better against scratches versus the black, but I also think it’s more of a target for theft, since the white front face is pretty unmistakable. I doubt I’ll buy the white, however. I’m not sure what my wife will go for.

    @BrianFTC: I suppose it depends on how one defines “pretty.” I liked the feel of the 3G/3GS in hand, but I hated the curved back’s plastic material, mostly because of issues users were experiencing with cracking and scratches. The 3G/3GS are certainly the most ergonomic of all the iPhones to date.

    @Herr Doktor: I don’t know how much the iPhone 4 is going to hurt in pocket, especially if you get a case for it. The sharp edges are painful, especially when I type on my Macbook Pro’s keyboard and my wrists rest right on that very sharp aluminum edge.

    Overall, I like the new look. I suppose in a perfect world, I’d love to see the phone wrapped in the same unibody-style construction as the Macbook Pros, though I understand the technical reasons why that can’t happen.

  5. The iPhone 4 definitely looks “edgier”, with it’s flat back and sharper edges. Truth is none of us except those at WWDC have actually felt it yet so it’s impossible to tell whether it’ll be more or less comfortable to use. White or black…tough choice. I’ll have to see them in person before I make my choice!

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