New iPod accessories, cases debut in ‘08 Buyers’ Guide


As is customary, several new iPod accessories and cases from a wide range of companies made their debut in our 2008 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide. Of particular note are the Acme Research Ledoc for iPod, a unique Dock that features a video camera mounted in front of the iPod to allow for TV-based iPod menu access, the 2007 version of Griffin’s popular iTrip FM Transmitter, and SendStation’s PocketDock pico, an iPod to USB adapter so small it fits inside a chrome keychain. Continue reading to learn more about the other accessories debuting in the Guide.
Aside from the 2007 iTrip, which will feature new on-face controls, Griffin Technology also debuted its RoadTrip with SmartScan, a FM transmitting, iPod-charging car mount which features a new flexible gooseneck mount and SmartScan, the AutoPilot, an iPod car charger with integrated line-out and remote control functionality, the iTrip AutoPilot, which adds FM transmitting to the AutoPilot’s feature set, and PowerJolt SE and Powerblock car and wall iPod chargers. Other new accessories include the Incipio Thin Cradle for iPhone, Alpine’s eX-10 Dash-Top iPod + Bluetooth Solution, NewerTech’s Mic Extender Cable for iPhone and iPhone Speaker Dock/Mic, and the Incipio Slice for iPod shuffle.

New iPod accessories, cases debut in ‘08 Buyers’ Guide

imageNew cases also made their debut in the Guide, including Otter Products’ OtterBox Armor for iPhone and Defender for iPod nano, classic, and touch, the H2O Audio iFR Sport Combo case for iPhone, Speck’s ArmorSkin for iPod nano, classic, and touch, the a.b. Sutton Classic Click Slip for iPod classic, and TuneBelt’s Open View Armband for iPod nano. For more information about the cases and accessories listed here, check out our 2008 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide.

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