New iPod accessories debut in iLounge Buyers’ Guide

Several new iPod products made their debut in our just-released Holiday Buyers’ Guide. You’ll find exclusive previews of iPod nano and 5G accessories from companies like Belkin, Griffin, Macally, Vaja, and more. Below, we’ve rounded up the highlights for easy consumption. Be sure to download the free guide to check out all of the gear, as well as exclusive reviews and feature articles.


Vaja iVod for iPod nano (1)
The $50 case features a high-quality padded leather body, screen protector, and optional click wheel protector. As with all Vaja cases, it will be available in numerous colors.

Belkin TuneBase FM nano + 5G (2)
Two new models of the company’s 3-in-1 car mount, charger and FM transmitter. The devices offer four FM presets and tuning buttons. They’re scheduled to be released in January for $80 each.

Belkin TuneFM nano + 5G
Two new bottom-mounting versions of Belkin’s FM transmitter. They will use an iPod’s screen for tuning and feature a mini USB port, and four preset buttons. They’ll sell for $50 each next year.

Macally mTune-n (3)
A new version of the company’s over-the-ear headphones that have a slot for your iPod nano in the left earcup, allowing you to listen to your nano without wires.

Macally FMCup (4)
The $60 product fits inside a car’s cup holder to become and iPod cradle, charger and FM transmitter. It’s also got a backlit LCD screen and buttons for tuning.

AKG Acoustics k701 headphones
These $400 premium headphones offer “silky smooth, detailed sound…warm, but lets highs pop and creates a vivid stage,” said iLounge EIC Jeremy Horwitz in his A-rating review of the headphones.

Griffin Technology iTrip Auto (5)
A combination iPod charger and FM transmitter for in-car use. The iTrip Auto connects to an iPod’s dock connector port and allows for easy tuning via a wired remote-like device. It will be available in December.

Griffin Technology TuneBuds
Similar to Apple’s Lanyard Headphones for the iPod nano, Griffin’s $30 TuneBuds combine a metal nano holder, white fabric lanyard and a set of white and gray earbuds.

Core Cases Aluminum Case for nano
New aluminum cases for the iPod nano with screen protectors and seven color options. They’ll sell for $20.

Power Support Silicone Jacket for iPod nano
Priced at $25, the case is made from surgical-grade Japanese silicone rubber and comes in translucent and black. It comes with a detachable belt clip and a clear protector and click wheel film.

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