New iPods: EarPods included, but no remote or mic

Unboxings of the new iPod touch and nano by Japanese blog Macotakara have confirmed a point that Apple obscured during last month’s iPhone 5-focused launch event: although EarPods are included with both of the new iPods, neither iPod’s earphones include the Remote and Mic functionality found in the $29 standalone accessory and the version packaged with the iPhone 5—the model Apple is now calling EarPods with Remote and Mic. The new iPods’ versions feature the newly redesigned earbuds with standard cabling and a 3.5mm audio connector; they do not include the carrying case included with the iPhone 5’s EarPods.


Macotakara confirms that the remote and microphone features from the standalone EarPods with Remote and Mic model do work with both of the new iPods. A full review of the EarPods with Remote and Mic is available here.

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