New next iPod Poll, prior iPhone vs. iPod results posted

A new iLounge Poll has been posted to the left-hand column of our main page: “Which of these potential iPods interests you the most?” The poll presents several options, including cheaper current-model iPods, high-end video iPods, and options in-between. Cast your vote now to see the current results!

The last poll, “Which do you want more, an iPhone or a new iPod,” ended with interesting results. Nearly 1/3 of those responding said that they were interested in either the 4GB iPhone (3%) or the 8GB iPhone (28%) rather than a current- or next-generation iPod model. However, 56% said that they wanted a next-generation video iPod, with 6% hoping for a next-generation iPod nano, and 1% for a new iPod shuffle. Only 8% said that they didn’t want any of these options, as they were satisfied with what they had already.

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