New Potato debuts Classic Match Foosball for iPad

New Potato debuts Classic Match Foosball for iPad 1

New Potato Technologies has announced Classic Match Foosball ($100), a new accessory for the first-, second-, and third-generation iPad. Classic Match Foosball is a miniature foosball table powered by the Dock Connector-based iPads, and can be used to play the free, downloadable Classic Match Foosball app. Eight control rods — four on each side — control the game action on screen.


Scoring markers are included at each end of the table, which includes removable legs with rubber feet. A USB-B connector allows the iPad to charge while docked in the table. Classic Match Football is available now.

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  1. Who greenlit this? Other than saving space, when you can buy a full sized foos ball table for ~$150, if you really feel the need to play foos ball with the classic handles that sounds like a much better idea than spending $100 on an already guaranteed to never work with another iPad again as long as you live accessory so you can render your $500 tablet unusable for anything else for the duration.

    I shake my head yet again as the sheer inanity of some of the iDevice accessories that come out.

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