New videos appear to show assembly processes, dummy models of iPhone 8 in 3 colors

YouTube star Danny Winget claims to have obtained dummy models of the iPhone 8 in three colors, showing the mockups off in his latest video. Winglet’s non-functional devices show the silver and copper/gold coming with white front bezels and cutouts, leaving the black as the only model with the black bezels and cutouts if Apple sticks to three colors as previously rumored. The silver has a glass back with shinier stainless steel sides, and the copper/gold features a similar split between a flat bronze color on the back and a shinier gold look on the edges. The models also sport no visible home button or Touch ID sensors (either front or back) and as expected come in at about the same size as the iPhone 7.
Another pair of brief videos discovered on Weibo by blogger Benjamin Geskin showed the same type of vertical-camera rear shells being polished on an assembly line, supposedly from the inside of a Foxconn plant. While those videos are more suspect given the difficulty in getting any information out of Foxconn facilities, they appear to show women polishing the silver shells and then a number of the finished shells being stored on racks. Earlier reports claimed the iPhone 8 was entering “volume production,” so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Foxconn could be this far along in manufacturing. [via AppleInsider]

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