News Corp. launches ‘The Daily’ iPad newspaper

News Corp. has launched “The Daily,” a new iPad-based daily newspaper.

The Daily will offer over 100 pages of original content each day, including original video content, a selection of articles that users can choose to have read aloud, “360 degree” photos that users can explore by swiping, and interactive charts and information graphics. Features will include the ability to save articles for later reading, web-friendly versions of articles for sharing online, in-app comments, including audio comments, local weather, scores and news regarding the user’s favorite sports teams, and both crossword and sudoku puzzles.

The app will also utilize a new “In-App Subscription” billing option from Apple. The Daily will be published 365 days a year, and will initially be available exclusively on the iPad in the United States, with pricing set at $0.99 per week, or $40 per year; the first two weeks will be free, courtesy of Verizon Wireless.