NewsFlash simplifies access to Breaking News on the go


Sollico Software has released NewsFlash, a new universal iOS app designed to provide fast and easy access to top news headlines from leading publications, aggregated into a single news feed. Focused on simplicity, NewsFlash includes a clean interface and does not require any customization or setup to begin using it; users simply launch the app and the latest news appears in seconds. Users can choose to filter by various categories such as News, Politics, World, Business, Sports and more and can also swipe across categories to view news from various aggregated world sources including the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, France and Israel with content available in many countries in both English and local languages. The app provides customizable font sizes and removes ads and third-party links to provide a cleaner reading experience focused on the news itself. Stories can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or SMS/iMessage. NewsFlash is available from the App Store as an iAd-supported free download with an ad-free option available as an in-app purchase.

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Jesse Hollington

Jesse Hollington was a Senior Editor at iLounge. He's written about Apple technology for nearly a decade and had been covering the industry since the early days of iLounge. In his role at iLounge, he provided daily news coverage, wrote and edited features and reviews, and was responsible for the overall quality of the site's content.