Next iPhone to sell for $199 subsidized?

USA Today is reporting that the next iPhone, expected to be announced later today, will be available for $199 via a subsidy. Citing sources with knowledge of the matter, the report does not provide any further details of the subsidy arrangement, beyond noting that the sources declined to be cited by name or affiliation because neither AT&T nor Apple has authorized anyone to speak publicly about pricing until after this afternoon’s announcement. According to the report, the next-generation iPhone will be in stores “beginning this summer.”

  1. If that price holds with a subsidy, Apple has an excellent chance of hitting its 2008 target. You can count me as a customer.

  2. I really do hope that they subsidize the new iPhone. If so, I will acquire it much sooner than later. 1hr 20 min and counting…

  3. If that holds I’m there… the 4-500$ get in the door cost + the 20$ or so more a month for a data plan was the only thing keeping me away. Give me 3g & GPS in a 2nd gen product and only $200 to get into the game and you are gonna see a ton of new adopters who are willing to pay the data plan and defect to AT&T.

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