Niantic adding HealthKit support to Pokémon GO to track walking progress

Although the Pokémon GO craze has run its course for many, Niantic is hoping to breathe new life into the experience with the announcement of plans to integrate with Apple’s HealthKit framework so that users can receive walking credit even when they aren’t actively playing the game. Niantic is calling the new feature “Adventure Sync,” and once users opt into the feature — and of course give Pokémon GO permission to read HealthKit data — the app will record walking distances even when Pokémon GO isn’t launched, so that users can still earn Candy and hatch Eggs as they go about their daily routines. Adventure Sync will also deliver a weekly summary that allows users to see their Incubator and Candy progress alongside important activity stats, and the number of kilometres recorded for each week will be shown in users’ Trainer Profiles, alongside push notifications that will let users know when their Buddy Pokémon has found a Candy or when an Egg is about to hatch, and rewards for crossing specific other milestones.

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