Nike Amp+ bracelet remote for iPod revealed

LC Angell
By LC Angell  - Senior Editor

The Men’s Health 2007 Tech Guide has revealed another new Nike product made just for iPods. The Nike Amp+ is a wrist strap for runners that integrates a wireless remote for controlling an iPod and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit.

The magazine prices the Nike Amp+ at $80; no release date is given.

“Playlist miscues can ruin a run.

That’s the impetus behind this wrist-mounted Bluetooth remote, which lets you brows through songs on your iPod or check your run times without fumbling with the player,” writes Men’s Health. “It syncs up with the Nike+iPod running system via a Bluetooth wireless connection, displaying information on an illuminated LED readout hidden beneath the matte-finish face of the bracelet.

LC Angell
By LC Angell Senior Editor
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