Nike and Polar intro Nike+ heart rate monitor

Nike and Polar have teamed up to introduce the new Polar WearLink wireless heart rate monitor. Made to work with the Nike+iPod system, the WearLink is worn around the user’s chest and wirelessly transmits heart rate data to the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, or to the Nike+ Sportband. Users can then hear spoken feedback of their beats per minute (BPM) during a Nike+iPod workout; this data can also be transferred to the website. In addition, the WearLink uses 5kHz transmission technology for use with select Polar training computers. The first evidence of a Nike+ compatible heart rate monitor was found within a new Nike + iPod User Guide that was posted to Apple’s site in September 2009. The Polar WearLink will be available this month in the U.S. for $70, with Canadian and European launches to follow in July.

Editor’s Note: Comments to this article have been closed based on astroturfing by the scumbags at iTMP/Digifit, who attempted to use this story to promote competing products to Polar’s. We strongly advise readers never to do business with companies that engage in deceptive marketing practices such as astroturfing, which attempt to create the false impression of grass roots interest in products using comments submitted to web sites.

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