Nike intros iPod-ready Hatphones Cap

Nike is offering a new cold weather cap designed to hold and control an iPod nano. “Move, groove, and stay warm in the Nike Men’s Soft Shell Therma-FIT Hatphones Cap,” says the company. “This cozy, comfortable skullcap features full functional Nano click wheel controls through a power mesh window in back so you can keep moving while mixing up your music.” It’s unclear whether the cap will hold a nano with a Nike+iPod Sport Kit adapter attached. The Nike Hatphones Cap sells for $60 and is available in black, grey, blue and red.

  1. Whoa! Sixty bucks for a skullcap? Plus, I’m not sure I want to look any more like a geek by having a Nano along with the attendant white wires dangling from the back of my head and routing back up to my ears. Kinda weird…and, did I mention it costs $60 bucks!

  2. The $60 has to be a misprint; even $30 seems high for this.

    For $15 I might consider it if you can use the nano w/ the Nike+iPod receiver…


  3. It is $60 MSRP. My wife got me one for >50% off at Sports Authority here in the Puget Sound area before Christmas last year. It does fit a nano with sports kit adaptor since it fits into the cap upside down.

  4. Ahh, this looks just like the Nike hat I’ve had for at least 2 or 3 months now. It’s awesome. Has built in headphone what sound great, and of coarse holds the nano with the Nike+ kit in it.

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