Nike iPod watch details, photos leaked

Following up on its successful Nike + iPod Sport Kit, Nike plans to release a series of at least two and perhaps three hybrid watch and wireless remote control accessories for Nike + iPod Sport Kit-equipped iPod nanos, iLounge has learned. One is Flight+, a sophisticated digital wrist watch and wireless remote control, while another is Amp+, a less complex watch design previously disclosed in an issue of Men’s Health magazine, but now fully detailed by an iLounge reader. A third model, Aero+, appears to be destined for iPod release as well; as of press time, iLounge is awaiting additional details from Nike.

Planned for release on May 1 of this year, Flight+ ($129, shown above) is a wireless iPod remote control with a complete digital wristwatch as its body. In a novel design, Flight+‘s music controls, such as volume and track adjustment, are built into a rocking bezel around its central Electroluminescent (EL) backlit watch screen.

Nike iPod watch details, photos leaked

Available in two colors, this watch will feature standard time, date, and chronometer features, including alarms, plus the ability to trigger the Nike + iPod Sport Kit’s voice feedback feature.

Previously disclosed to Men’s Health by Nike, the upcoming Amp+ is a bracelet-styled remote control with a stripped-down subset of Flight+‘s features. Amp+ includes its own integrated LED display with the ability to display either time or iPod control status, an iPod shuffle-styled control pad to let users change tracks, adjust volume, and play/pause songs on the iPod, and special Sport Controls to call up the Sport Kit’s special voice feedback and PowerSong features.


Like Flight+, Amp+ is listed as a May 1, 2007 release, but this model is shown in five different colors – two pinks, two reds, and an orange – each at an $79 price. Though the majority of its body appears to be made from plastic, Amp+ is described as using a solid stainless steel double action clasp to seal shut on the wearer’s wrist.

imageA third watch called Aero+ also appears to be in the offing for iPod owners. Shown in two differently colored versions, Aero+ appears to be a men’s version of the Flight+ design, with a larger body, more rugged look, and similar wireless remote and clock functionality. Neither pricing nor a projected release date are listed for this model.

The three watches appear to be part of a larger move by Nike into the Sport Kit Sensor-ready watch business – including steps to be taken without Apple. Two additional products, the Nike Speed+ Kit for Men, and the Nike Speed+ Kit for Women, are each apparently planned to ship in two colored versions, packaged along with a Nike+-branded USB receiver and Nike+ Sensor for $129.