Nike issues New Year’s Challenge


Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, Nike has announced a new feature on its Nike+ website that lets users post challenges to other runners, and the consequences of those challenges if their goals aren’t met.

“Visitors to can watch runners who did not live up to their challenges bob for lobsters, have their nose hairs plucked and be duct-taped to a bucking mechanical bull named Helga,” says Nike. “Beginning now, runners can issue challenges to themselves and to their friends at, the Nike+ system which helps track miles, pace, time and calories burned. After January 31st, Nike will begin posting the consequences of those unaccomplished challenges on the site as shared by the runners themselves.”

The most publicized challenge will come from tennis superstar Maria Sharapova and be directed at NBA All-Star LeBron James. If Sharapova runs more miles than James in January, the basketball star will act as a ball boy during a match of Sharapova’s choice. If she fails, the tennis star will serve as James’ personal water girl at a game of his choice.

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