Nike profit boosted by Nike+iPod sales

Nike said yesterday that second-quarter profit rose 8.1 percent, helped by its iPod-compatible Nike+ line of running shoes. “Nike+ is turning out to be huge,” Nike CEO Mark Parker said in an earnings conference call. “In less than six months, Nike+ users have logged more than 3 million miles and there are over 3 million Plus-ready shoes in the global marketplace; we expect that number to double by the year end. Clearly our confidence in this concept has proven to be accurate.” Later in the call, Parker said, “Nike+ continues to be extraordinary, and we see that just accelerating as we add more styles to Nike+ over this next six to 12 months.”

  1. i wish they’d make something that would work with the nano. i don’t need to look at the screen, but would like to hear my progress and whatnot.

  2. mdwsta4 — Um, the Nike+iPod kit works *only* with the Nano. It also provides audio feedback through the headphones at preset intervals (every mile, kilometer, or 5 minutes, depending on the run) or anytime you press the center button.

    If you were asking a different question, you might want to rephrase it.

  3. Rereading your comment, it’s clear to me now that you meant to request a kit that works with the iPod *Shuffle.* I can’t help you there.

    It would obviously require new hardware and new audio-based software, so it won’t be an easy task. And Apple may not even be interested in supporting the Shuffle, since this might push sales of the higher-end (and higher profit) iPod Nanos.

  4. datim, you seem like a passionate runner into the NIKE+IPOD combo, im doing a marketing plan for this product for my marketing class (I am a junior in college) i would be much appreciative if you could email me at:
    with some feedback on the product and maybe how it changes running. This would allow me to get a more personal 2nd hand experience rather than the traditional reviews i have found online, if you don’t respond, no worries i still have much more research to do, thank you

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