Nike+ to debut new Basketball and Training solutions


Following up on the original Nike+ product line—notably including the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, sneakers, and compatible heart rate monitors—Nike today announced two new Nike+ products, which will leverage upgraded footwear and iOS applications to provide more sophisticated workout tracking experiences. Nike+ Basketball will deliver information and measurements on how high, how hard and how quickly players play each game, in turn providing additional motivation and feedback. Nike+ Training is focused on making users’ daily workout experiences more enjoyable by combining gaming and high-intensity fitness activities.

Unlike the original Nike+ Sensor, which could be slipped into any Nike+ sneaker—or attached in a pouch to non-Nike sneakers—these new Nike+ models require a new Nike+ Pressure Sensor technology found in upcoming Nike+ enabled shoes. The new shoes will collect information about users’ movements, send the information wirelessly to iOS devices, and allow apps to translate the data into information about the user’s workout or game. Nike plans to debut the first Nike+ Pressure Sensor shoes on June 29, 2012; details on the applications themselves are not yet available, and it is unclear whether Nike will be working with Apple to update the Nike+ app built into iOS, or will release one or more standalone Nike+ applications.

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