Nintendo developing official Pokemon app for iOS

Gaming site Kotaku is reporting that Nintendo is planning to release its first iOS app in the form of a Pokémon title. The game Pokémon Say Tap? BW will be a rhythm-based game where players will tap on-screen Pokémon cards in time with the music.

The game is scheduled to be released this summer as a free download and will require iOS 4.3 or later, suggesting it will be compatible only with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, third- and fourth-generation iPod touch and iPad. This is particularly noteworthy as it represents the first sign of the company’s departure from its prior policy of releasing its mainstream titles exclusively for its own hardware.

The game is being published by The Pokémon Company, the Nintendo affiliate responsible for the Pokémon brand, rather than by Nintendo itself and it is not yet clear whether the app will be released only in Japan or available internationally.