Nordisk Film Games releases The Marbians

Nordisk Film Games has released The Marbians, a retro marble-themed puzzle game for iOS devices. The Marbians are a group of aliens who have crashed in Roswell, New Mexico and donned marble-shaped spacesuits for safety. Players must help get The Marbians back home by flinging and flicking them across increasingly challenging courses, avoiding obstacles, collecting moon rocks and trying to find a way back to their UFO. Players can also score additional points by bouncing Marbians off walls at higher speeds and collecting all of the moon rocks on each level. Facebook and Game Center integration allows users to share their high scores and achievements and view global rankings from other players. The Marbians is available from the App Store in two versions: The Marbians for the iPhone and iPod touch and The Marbians HD for the iPad. Both versions are a free download and include the first eight levels of the game; the full game can be unlocked via an in-app purchase of $1 for the iPhone/iPod touch version or $2 for the iPad version.

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