Numerous Apple Watch bands removed from online Apple Store

Apple appears to have discontinued a number of its Apple Watch bands ahead of its upcoming September event, MacRumors reports. Since Apple typically updates its collection of bands each year with the release of new Apple Watch models, along with changing its lineup with different seasonal collections, the move isn’t entirely surprising, although this time around we’re seeing a relatively large number of band options disappearing, with 14 in the Sport Loop and Sport Band families having now vanished from the U.S. Apple Store. A large portion of the Hermès are also unavailable, showing as “Sold Out” than “Currently Unavailable” which suggests that they’ve been discontinued rather than simply suffering from a stock shortage. Apple does, however, still have every version of the original 2015 Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet bands available, although these are some of Apple’s only fashion-focused designs as the company has focused on more durable and low-cost fitness and casual bands for everyday use. A full list of the bands that have been discontinued can be found on MacRumors

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