Nuvyyo adds new Tablo Dual to its over-the-air TV DVR lineup

After expanding the Tablo over-the-air TV DVR to the Apple TV last year, Nuvyyo is releasing the new Tablo Dual starting June 4. The $250 device now includes 64 GB of onboard storage — where the original relied solely on an external hard drive to use DVR functionality — but it still supports the addition of an external hard drive of up to 8 TB for those who find 40 hours of HD recording not to be enough.

Nuvyyo adds new Tablo Dual to its over-the-air TV DVR lineup

Tablo Dual is available only in a two-tuner version, and is priced at $50 more than the basic two-tuner Tablo; users looking for a four-tuner model will still need to go with the original Tablo, which remains available in Canada from the company’s web site.

The new design is also 20 percent smaller than the original and adds larger air vents to keep the device cool without running a noisy fan.

The existing Tablo apps support the new device, allowing users to stream broadcast programs to iOS devices, Macs and Apple TVs while at home or even on the go. The Tablo Dual includes a basic ability to set programs to record familiar to anyone who used to set up their VCR to tape shows way back when, but those who want a more streamlined DVR experience will need to opt into the company’s TV guide service, which costs $5 a month or $50 a year, but can be had for a lifetime for a one-time $150 payment.