NY Times: Apple readying ‘personal computers in pocket form’

While not distinguishing whether his story is based on his own sources or current circulating rumors, John Markoff of the New York Times writes that Apple is set to unveil a mobile phone that may feature “a sleek ceramic case and a transparent touch screen.” Markoff says that “industry executives and competitors” believe Apple has developed “the first of a new generation of devices that are closer to personal computers in pocket form, meaning that they will easily handle music, entertainment, productivity tasks and communications on cellular and other wireless networks.” The Times tech writer notes that “Apple’s business strategy in offering an Apple phone will potentially be as intriguing as its industrial design.” He says Steve Jobs “has been rumored to have entered into an alliance with Cingular,” and that the Apple CEO recently told two associates he was “more excited about his current project than he was about the Macintosh.”

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