Observations on 40GB iPod

Reader David E. Frank at Macintouch.com has submitted some ‘initial observations’ of his new iPod 40GB which replaced his 30GB.

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  • The LCD display is both brighter and bluer than the 30GB unit.

    It looks more like the advertising photos that came out when the 30GB units (aka “3rd generation iPods”) were released.

  • The software version shown in the About screen is 2.0.2.
  • The capacity is shown as 37.2 GB.
  • It is the same thickness as the 30GB unit, and therefore works in the same dock/dock base combination. It is approximately the same weight as the 30GB unit.
  • Its surface doesn’t feel as smooth as the 30GB.
  • The software CD has a new part number: 2Z691-4568 vs.