Octa at 2012 CES: Unique iPad Handle

Octa’s TabletTail is not only one of the stranger things we saw at the 2012 International CES, but truly one of the more bizarre iPad accessories we’ve come across. A combination handle and stand, TabletTail is actually made of two separate pieces. The first is a Vacuum Dock that attaches on to the back of an iPad or iPad 2 for up to six hours at a time, and the other is WhaleTail, which is designed to look like exactly what it sounds like. Users position the tail between their fingers for a comfortable way to hold Apple’s tablet. Octa is promising more accessories to fit into the modular system in 2012, but will begin with TabletTail in February of this year. It will sell for $70.

Updated January 19, 2012: Octa has informed us that the shipping date for WhaleTail has been pushed back until April of this year, and that the price has dropped to $60.

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