OmniFocus for iPhone adds Forecast mode

The Omni Group has released an update to OmniFocus for the iPhone adding the Forecast mode that was originally introduced in the iPad version last year. Replacing the individual “Due Soon” and “Overdue” lists found in prior versions, Forecast mode allows users to see all of the tasks that are overdue and starting or due over the next seven days, broken down by individual day. With the addition of Forecast mode, tapping on an event notification will now take the user directly to the Forecast screen when opening the app, allowing the user to see all due items at a glance. Version 1.1 also adds direct support for setting up with the app with the Omni Sync Server and adds buttons to go directly to a project or context from the Action and Project editing screens. Additional enhancements include improvements to searching for projects and contexts throughout the app, a redesigned editor for assigning locations to contexts and several other user interface and workflow improvements. OmniFocus for iPhone is available from the App Store for $20 and is a free upgrade for current users.

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