OmniFocus for iPhone adds Siri integration


The Omni Group has released an update to OmniFocus for iPhone adding improvised integration with Siri on the iPhone 4S. With the latest version of OmniFocus for the iPhone, users can now create reminders on-the-go with Siri which will be automatically imported into their OmniFocus inbox upon launching the app. Since neither Siri nor the iOS Reminders apps yet provide any APIs for third-party apps, OmniFocus accomplishes this by connecting directly to the user’s iCloud account to retrieve new reminders. Users can also specify a date and time for a new reminder and it will be set as a due date in OmniFocus and location-based reminders will be assigned to the corresponding context in OmniFocus if one is available. The update also fixes bugs related to location reminders, undo support and Forecast mode. OmniFocus for iPhone is available from the App Store for $20.

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